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Practical applications for the visualiser and new features in v 0.10


We have started using the visualiser to help us populate a cohort of drugs that almost make it to licensure for a grant that the G-SCT is working on. Funtimes!

Also, the indications searcher now allows one to hide results, making it easier to work through, if you’re looking for something in particular in a big list, and don’t want to lose your spot.

Colour by sponsor


Brand new in version 0.9, you can now automatically colour-code your drug trials to indicate the lead sponsor’s agency class (industry, NIH, U.S. Fed or “other”).

Try it out! It’s so pretty!

Exciting stuff in v 0.8


Now you can search for a list of drugs and biologicals used in an indication area. So say for example, you were interested in the development of drugs for renal cell carcinoma. You type in “renal cell carcinoma” into the “interventions” field on the front page, and it will bring up an exhaustive list of all the interventions for RCC in all clinical trials on CTG and display them as a list of possible searches.

Once you’ve got this list, you can “clean up” the search before you show the trials visualisation for each drug or biological in the list (a lot of the time, the drug’s dosage or brackets or other stuff will be listed).

Then when you’re ready, you click “Show trials,” and then it generates a drug trials visualisation for that drug.

Version 0.7


  • Updated the code to reduce the number of database calls when displaying a drug search—this should reduce (maybe even eliminate) the MySQL code showing up all over the graph when the server gets overloaded
  • Updated Enrolment view so that when the trials with the most patients is greater than 10,000, it goes to log(enrol) view

Version 0.6 is here


You can now see study sponsors and sort by phase number. Still to come, probably in v 0.7:

  • Colour-coding by “has results”
  • Colour-coding by public vs private study sponsors

Coming soon in v 0.6


  • Study sponsors
  • Optional colour-coding to indicate whether or not results have been posted

Things that have been fixed for v 0.5


  • In v 0.4, if the study’s enrolment was not indicated, the database would put in a “0”—now, it puts a little silhouette with a “?” over it in enrolment view to indicate that we don’t know how many are registered.
  • The visualiser used to get stuck if you tried to search for something with spaces. No longer! You can search for gene therapy or emotional disclosure anytime you like.
  • Actually, do check out the gene therapy search. It’s kind of interesting.
  • New feature: the overall status of the trial and the reason why it was stopped are now provided.

Reason for a study stopping


I just got an email from my boss, who pointed out this entry in CTG to me. I never noticed this before, but if a study stops, there is a field for indicating the reason it has stopped. This is definitely going in the next version.

Fixed it


  • The graph now starts where the important dates start or where the studies start—whichever is earlier. Now, there shouldn’t be any more important dates off the left side of the graph.
  • Also, studies that have no start date, but do have an end date are now displayed correctly.
  • We’re already up to v 0.4. 🙂

Welcome to beta v 0.3


Brand-new in beta v 0.3: I got a new database of info from the FDA.

  • Now there’s bright red lines indicating important dates in the drug’s life, like “approval,” “labelling revision,” “new dosage regimen,” etc.

Some bugs that I have found in v 0.3:

  • They don’t always line up perfectly with the bottom
  • Unexpectedly, some of the approvals happen before there are registered trials, so I get red lines to the left of the graph
  • I’m not sure what details on the “important dates” I want to include
  • Unexpectedly, there are some trials that have end dates, but no start dates, and those aren’t in the right place

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