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User sign-in and saved searches in version 12


There have been some big changes since the last version. First off, you’ll notice that you can make accounts and sign in now. This is so that you can save searches, rather than just sort of keeping permalinks to searches written on napkins or whatever.

  • Searches are now automatically deleted after two weeks, unless a user has saved it
  • Saved searches appear on the user’s sign-in screen, under “saved searches”
  • You can email the permalink to the search to yourself or tweet it to others directly from the saved searches page
  • Others can still view your saved searches without being signed in, so you can send the link to your saved search, and the recipient doesn’t need to sign up to view it
  • When viewing the result of a query, the year labels are fixed, so they don’t interrupt the flow of the graph

Also, I fixed a bug with the “important dates” line—they would approximately hit the bottom of the graph, but never quite exactly. Now they’re fixed.

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