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Tagging works better and “custom data sets”


A few updates:

  • You can now tag trials and show or hide them according to their tags.
  • Enrolment view now does not require the page to be completely reloaded.
  • Enrolment view is animated.
  • Logged-in users can now download sets of XML files from clinicaltrials.gov, zip them and upload them for processing. For very large data sets, you can even break them up into multiple zip files.

Things that have been fixed for v 0.5


  • In v 0.4, if the study’s enrolment was not indicated, the database would put in a “0”—now, it puts a little silhouette with a “?” over it in enrolment view to indicate that we don’t know how many are registered.
  • The visualiser used to get stuck if you tried to search for something with spaces. No longer! You can search for gene therapy or emotional disclosure anytime you like.
  • Actually, do check out the gene therapy search. It’s kind of interesting.
  • New feature: the overall status of the trial and the reason why it was stopped are now provided.

Welcome to v 0.2


The drug trials visualiser is still in the beta stage, but it is coming along nicely. Today I added the following:

  • Detail-view HUD
  • Flexible width formatting (before it was ~ 940px across, which made for a lot of horizontal scrolling)
  • “Enrollment view”—click it, and it will scale the heights of each study to be proportional to their enrollment

Had a great conversation with a couple of colleagues, have big plans for the future now. 🙂

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