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Direct links to FDA regulatory documents in version 0.14


Along the top of each search, if there have been regulatory actions by the FDA, there are now links to documents regarding those actions. For example, if you search for “pralatrexate,” you’ll notice it says “Approval” in September of 2009. You can click the link and it will bring you to an FDA document—the label for pralatrexate.

Welcome to beta v 0.3


Brand-new in beta v 0.3: I got a new database of info from the FDA.

  • Now there’s bright red lines indicating important dates in the drug’s life, like “approval,” “labelling revision,” “new dosage regimen,” etc.

Some bugs that I have found in v 0.3:

  • They don’t always line up perfectly with the bottom
  • Unexpectedly, some of the approvals happen before there are registered trials, so I get red lines to the left of the graph
  • I’m not sure what details on the “important dates” I want to include
  • Unexpectedly, there are some trials that have end dates, but no start dates, and those aren’t in the right place

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