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Stars for selecting multiple trials


You’ll notice that when you’re logged in, stars now appear in every trial that has been graphed. If you click the star (or press ‘s’ while the trial’s details are visible), the star will light up, and a “Starred trials” box will appear at the left. It’s kind of boring right now, because the only button available is the “hide” button, but even that can be useful!

Imagine if you wanted to highlight only certain trials, say only phase 3 trials for RCC of the drug in question. You could sort it by phase, go through all the phase 3’s and star the ones you’re interested in. But wait! You don’t want to hide those ones—you want to hide all the others! I’ve got you covered. Click where it says “Invert starred,” and all the starred trials will be unstarred and previously unstarred trials will be starred instead. Then you can click “Hide (h)” (or push the ‘h’ button) and all those trials will disappear.

If you want them back again, click “Show hidden trials” from the “Tools” box.

And here’s the fun part: if you’re working on a saved search, the site remembers which trials you have hidden, so you could annotate it and send the permalink of your graph to a colleague if you found something interesting.

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