Snowy day


Working on my essay on a snowy day in December

Working on my essay on a snowy day in December

It’s snowy today. Snow is one of the few pleasures reserved for non-drivers.

There’s something reassuring about looking out the window, and seeing mostly white from the falling snow.

I don’t have to go anywhere today, if i don’t want to. My Bioethics Theory essay isn’t due until tomorrow, and I have a very good start on it. (And yes, I will post the graph of my progress when I am finished.)

Today I can stay inside, wearing my big blue hooded house-coat, do my schoolwork and stay warm next to my fake fireplace. And yes, my apartment has a fake fireplace in it.

Update: it is nearly 17h, and it is dark outside and still snowing. I can see about a half-dozen people from my front window, and they are all shovelling snow off their driveways or cars. I am still inside. I still haven’t put real clothes on yet today, and I am watching them and laughing at their expense.


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