Why isn’t William Shatner the Governor General?


Mock Outrage from Shatner

Mock Outrage from Shatner

My mother sent me this article that she clipped from the Stratford Beacon Herald. I was definitely in support of Shatner’s bid to become the Governor General of Canada.

William Shatner as Governor General would have made me so much more proud to be Canadian than whoever it is that was actually appointed to the position. I’m not even going to take the time to look up the guy’s name in the article attached to this post.

And the reason for that is because I’m pretty sure that the Governor General doesn’t actually do anything. It’s a ceremonial position, like that of the Queen. The Queen doesn’t actually do anything; her role in government is symbolic. And the Governor General is one step even further removed from any actual power—he’s a symbol for the Queen. I don’t think that Shatner could have done any damage as the Governor General, but he would have been much more entertaining as our vice-regal leader.

We really missed out on this one. We could have had Captain Kirk as our head of state. You don’t even have to be a trekkie to see how that could have been fun.

Oh well. Maybe next time!

True story: Shatner was a McGill student, and a few years ago, the student body at McGill had a vote to try to name the student centre after him. Due to McGill policy, the building’s name has not been officially changed—buildings can only be named after dead people, or people who have given a lot of money—but the building is still referred to as the Shatner building by most of the students.


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