Does “The Big Bang Theory” get better after the pilot?


For months, I have had a television programme called The Big Bang Theory recommended to me a number of times by both family and friends. Earlier this week, I watched the pilot episode, and I was not very impressed. First of all, the whole premiss of the show wasn’t very interesting. How many TV shows do we really need about young adult friends living together in an apartment building?

Worse than that, the acting was bad. Even more damning for a sitcom, the comedic timing was lacking and I didn’t find the actual jokes to be funny.

My question for those of you out there who have watched more than the pilot: Does the show get better after the pilot? I’m thinking I might skip over this programme, like I did with Seinfeld.


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4 responses to “Does “The Big Bang Theory” get better after the pilot?”

  1. Mike Morton says:

    I’ve only seen a couple episodes but I also don’t find the show funny at all. The writers idea of a jokes is the characters throwing around big words around other characters who don’t understand them.

  2. Murph E. says:

    Thank you. I feel vindicated in my assessment of this show. I will skip over the rest of them without worrying that I’m missing something amazing.

  3. Raya says:

    When i first saw the pilot, i wasn’t impressed either. But, it does get much better after a couple of episodes, and at about four episodes in – i was hooked!
    It just feels like the cast had to get comfortable with one another at first. And once they did, everything fell into place and the show became highly enjoyable.

  4. Skyler says:

    I heard from others that the pilot was awful for many reasons. Still, I tried watching a couple of random episodes and I did not enjoy them so much. They were silly low-level jokes and situations for the most part but a few parts in each episode were a little funny. I may not be the best judge of the show, but based on the overall premise, what I’ve heard, and my experience, I would not watch it.

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