Bowling and the fur trade


It turns out that the fur trade is still alive and well here in some parts of rural Québec.

I went bowling last night in Granby at Royaume des Quilles and while bowling, a man would, from time to time, call out a number corresponding to the tickets that had been given out for a draw for door prizes. (Regrettably, he did not use “trois-trente” in place of “quatre-vingt-dix,” as I have previously written that I think would be a pretty good idea.)

By some luck, my number was called, and I was handed an envelope, inside of which was a piece of paper that says, “Bon d’une valeur de $100.00 (Cent dollars),” which means “good for $100” at Denis Hivon Fourrures. I’m going to assume that “fourrures” means “fur-trader” in French. Or, something close enough.

Pickles says that I should get a “pimp coat.” I want to go and see if there’s anything with an animal’s face or head on it. I’ve looked at their site, and there are some really disturbing things, and some things that I just couldn’t imagine myself wearing. That said, I haven’t been this excited since I discovered this in the U-Haul store.


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