Direct-entry master’s in nursing at McGill


On Friday, I received an email from the department of nursing. I have been given a conditional acceptance to the direct-entry nursing MSc(A) programme here. The condition is that I must graduate from my current MA in biomedical ethics before Fall 2011. I don’t think that will be a problem.

So, it looks like I’m going to be staying in Montréal for a little while longer, and doing another master’s. :)


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23 responses to “Direct-entry master’s in nursing at McGill”

  1. Morty says:

    That’s awesome! I presume you didn’t get into med school then? :(

    Are there any other schools that could offer you entry to their Master’s program and pull you away from McGill?

  2. Murph E. says:

    Alas, I did not get into med school for Fall 2011. But that doesn’t mean I won’t apply again next year! :)

    The direct-entry master’s in nursing at McGill is unique in that it is the only direct-entry nursing master’s in Canada. So, if I wanted to do nursing anywhere else in Canada, I’d have to do a BScN, which is why I only applied to McGill.

  3. Maggie says:

    Hey Murph E.,

    I have also received a provisional acceptance for the direct-entry nursing MSc(A) programme for this fall, and I stumbled across your blog while doing some McGill ‘research’.
    I would love to get your input on where I should consider staying in MTL, so please feel free to e.mail me.
    I look forward to hearing from you!


  4. Murph E. says:

    Hi Maggie,

    I’ll certainly email you right away! :)

  5. Jake says:


  6. Murph E. says:

    Thanks. :)

  7. Sarah says:

    Hi! Like Maggie, I also stumble across this blog while investigating McGill. I am considering going to McGill for the MSc(A) programme too. Do you know if you are eligible to work anywhere in Canada? Or can you only work in Quebec? I would really appreciate your feedback!



  8. Murph E. says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Your eligibility to work depends on your citizenship status, I believe. Are you a Canadian citizen?


  9. Brandy says:

    Like the others, I stumbled on your blog while googling the program. I`ll also be joining you in August. I wonder how many of us there are in total. 15 or so?

    (PS- i read your rant about the transcripts not getting updated on Minerva for months…I was equally frustrated!!)


  10. Murph E. says:

    Hi Brandy!

    To be honest, I’m not sure how big the cohort will be. Are you from Montréal or are you also moving here?

    Sometimes it’s nice to just vent one’s frustrations. I feel much better now that they’re off my chest. :)

  11. B says:

    Hi again,
    I`m from Vancouver but I’ve lived here for 4 years now (moved out here for my previous masters). Looks like we’ll be spending a few more years in this lovely city. Feel free to add me on facebook if you have it (my full name is in my email)to chat about registration, funding, etc as September approaches.


  12. Sarah says:

    Hi, I stumbled onto your blog when I googled “McGill Master Nursing”. I see that it is the only direct-entry masters of nursing program in Canada. Can I ask what your application looked like when applying? I have a B. Sc and a B. Ed and B+ GPA.

  13. Murph E. says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Yes that’s true. It’s the only one in Canada. If you want details on what the application looks like, you can check it out here:

    I hope this helps! :)


  14. Eddie says:

    I only stumbled on this blog while researching masters programs in nursing. My question is same like Sarah’s. To any of you who applied and or got admitted, what was your GPA like? I have a 3.2. Is it worth applying? I will really appreciate your feedback.

  15. Murph E. says:

    Hi Eddie,

    I don’t think I can tell you definitively based on your GPA, but the direct-entry MSc(A) in nursing at McGill is a competitive programme. This year there are 23 of us in the qualifying year, and there were over 100 applicants. I’m not sure about the stats for the nurse-entry stream.

  16. Jake says:

    I also found your blog when looking for more information about the MSc Direct Entry nursing program. Do you know if they release the stats for admission anywhere? I have a 3.3 in a BA with honors in psyc and a last 3 of 3.7.

  17. Murph E. says:

    Hi Jake, I’m afraid that as far as I know, the programme does not release admission stats anywhere, beyond what I’ve already written in the comments.

  18. Jake says:

    Thanks for your response! I hope you’re enjoying McGill

  19. Tina says:

    Hey Murph,

    I have also stumbled upon your blog by searching for more information about the direct entry program at McGill. Do you what are the statistics about after completing the the qualifying year? Like how many students get admited to the master’s degree part and what the requirements are after completing the qualifying year in order to proceed to the master’s part? I would hate to have completed the qualifying year and not have been offered placement for the Master’s program.



  20. Murph E. says:

    Hi Tina,

    The “qualifying year” is a qualifying year in name only. There are spots in the master’s programme for all the students who make it into the qualifying year. The requirements for entry are a minimum grade of B- (65%) in every course.

    It is called a qualifying year for administrative reasons. This is also the reason why McGill’s Financial Aid will be completely unable to help you during your first year of the programme.

    I hope this answers your question!


  21. nash says:

    Hello Murph,

    Hope you are well. Like so many others before me I came across your blog doing research on MSc program in nursing Direct Entry. I am seriously considering this program for the fall of 2013 and would like to know two things (if and when you can)

    1) I am assuming the tuition fees for the qualifying year has to be paid by you. How much was it for your year?

    2) How are you liking the Qualifying year?


  22. Murph E. says:

    Hi Nash,

    If you are considering going into the direct-entry MSc(A) programme at McGill, I would strongly recommend that you read this book:

    I would also recommend the following podcast:

    All told, it cost about $19,000 for one year only. I finished the qualifying year in June, and I decided not to continue in the programme in the following year for reasons you can guess based on the choice of my recommendations above.

    If you do decide to pursue this programme, good luck.


  23. Claudia Tanamal says:

    Is the MSc Nursing direct entry graduate recognized to practise in any other provinces in Canada?

    Thanks and good luck

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