Liveblogging my RAMQ experience


8h30—RAMQ says: “Yes of course, we’ll fax your temporary card to your pharmacy. Ask your pharmacy to call you when they receive it. It might take up to an hour.”

[I gave RAMQ the fax number twice during this call.]

9h00—pharmacy says: “We’ll call you as soon as it arrives.”

12h00—pharmacy says: “No, we haven’t received anything.”

14h15—RAMQ says: “The lady said she was waiting for the fax number. We’ll fax it for real this time. ;) It will probably take 15 minutes to a half hour.”

15h15—pharmacy says: “No, we haven’t received anything.”

15h20—RAMQ says: “No, there’s no note on your file that mentions anything about faxing a temporary card. What’s the number you want it sent to?”

15h40—pharmacy says: “Ah yes, it just came in two minutes ago.”


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4 responses to “Liveblogging my RAMQ experience”

  1. Morty says:

    Did you manage to get to see a Doctor today?

  2. Murph E. says:

    Yes, I did get to see a doctor. That was way more time-consuming than it should have been.

    Turns out they can do a 10-minute assay to see if one has strep. Turns out I don’t. So, no penicillin for me.

    They sent me for some blood tests, and I’ll know the results in about a week, depending on Canada Post.

    They say they’ll call me if they find anything. They’re afraid it’s mono again, but the doctor says it could just be a non-mono viral infection that I’m able to get over in a few days. Time will tell. I really don’t want to have to do the whole mono thing again. :|

  3. Mike Morton says:

    You can get Mono more than once?

  4. Murph E. says:

    That’s what the doctor said. I’m feeling a bit better today though, so it might just be a random (non-mono) viral infection.

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